The Employment Supports Transformation Assessment (ESTA) is an organizational self-assessment tool that provides organizations with a point in time “snapshot” of where they are in their journey towards transformation to an Employment First culture - acknowledging the rights of individuals with disabilities to earn sustainable livings in jobs that are competitive, community-based and integrated.

The ESTA provides an opportunity for you to evaluate your agency’s transformation endeavors in a broader, all-inclusive context.  It is designed to identify issues that may have been overlooked and to target specific steps and areas that present challenges or barriers.  Involve as many stakeholders and partners as possible (including employment, day services and residential staff, family members, program participants, community partners) in the process of completing the assessment, to provide a more comprehensive view of the agency’s unique situation. The ESTA allows organizations to view aggregated survey results from their leadership and other stakeholders and display these results within a concise, real-time report with recommendations of resources to support the transformation journey.

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